To join our community of students, IntersectLA has established a step-by-step process for considering new team members. Below are the phases for anyone interested in joining IntersectLA. If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

All interested applicants must submit the items below by 9 am on the first Friday of the month in order to be considered for review.

The number of openings on the team are very limited, so interested applicants should review the position titles/descriptions carefully and make sure to specify which position they are seeking. If you are not accepted after stage 1, you are encouraged to apply again! Please set a time to meet with Prof. Bautista or Prof. Moon if you have any questions.

Stage 1. Fill out your application

This will include the following required items:

  1. Personal Information
  2. Portfolio Link or PDF. This is a collection of your work that best showcases your skillset. These can include class work, professional work, presentations, writing excerpts, visuals, and/or videos.
  3. One-minute video which acts as a statement of intent. Why do you feel you should be a member of IntersectLA? What are your goals? and anything else you feel you need to let us know. PLEASE MAKE SURE THIS IS A LINK to a cloud based video viewer. We do not want to download the video to view.
  4. Select the position(s) you would like to apply for.

The application review is done on a monthly basis, starting on the first Friday of each month. Your application will be reviewed by current students, faculty and staff. Applicants who are selected for further consideration will be contacted via email. Please note: IntersectLA cannot guarantee that any new members will be accepted during any month.

Stage 2. Interviews with Professor Joe Bautista, Professor Dave Moon, and members of current student team. 

If an applicant receives an email indicating further consideration, you will meet/interview at different times with above mentioned individuals. After each meeting, candidates will receive notification if they are to move ahead with the interview process.

Stage 3. On-Boarding Period

A candidate who has met all the criteria and successfully passed the interview process is welcomed as a “Volunteer.”

This is where the training begins, along with the opportunity to earn the other team members’ trust by working together, sharing knowledge, and adding to the collective value of IntersectLA. It is at this stage that each candidate is expected to learn our process and methods, as well as develop an understanding of IntersectLA’s culture and purpose.

  • The duration of this stage is usually 4 to 6 weeks, but in some instances can be longer.
  • You will be given tasks, projects, assignments.
  • Candidates entering this stage are required to submit a list of days/hours that they can commit to IntersectLA.
  • In some cases, candidates may wish to receive a course credit (substitution), internship credit, or project substitution. Those requests may be granted, although prior approval must be secured by faculty directors and faculty of the course.

Stage 4. Official Welcome

Candidates who have demonstrated their ability to add value to IntersectLA and who have performed all the assignments and tasks outlined, will be invited to officially join the IntersectLA team.

Most students that have been invited to join the IntersectLA team will be offered compensation for 10 hours per week, 15 hours per week, or 20 hours per week (maximum) at the current CSU minimum wage rate. New team members may have an opportunity to work additional paid hours (not exceeding 20 hours per week), based on their contributions and performance. This is not automatic. Students are expected to be productive and maintain a high standard of performance. The hours and compensation can also be lowered or revoked if the team member does not maintain this standard  

Thank you for your interest in joining the IntersectLA community. Whether or not you receive an invitation to join IntersectLA, you have made a positive statement about yourself by creating an opportunity to be in a unique environment to learn, collaborate, and challenge yourself to continue growing personally and professionally. IntersectLA is part of the education community, and it is intended is to provide students with the utmost positive learning environment. We continue to push innovation by creating, measuring, and learning from both our mistakes and our successes. We share and we learn together. Good luck to you, and as a great quote by Mary Kay Ash….

“There are three types of people in this world: those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, and those who wonder what happened.”

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